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About Stafford & Co

Rob and Ken Stafford

We aim to differentiate ourselves from most accountants by ensuring that before you appoint us, we spend some time finding out about your individual and business goals and aspirations.

We thought that you might want to find out about Stafford & Co before you appoint us:
Stafford & Co is all about helping our clients businesses succeed. We’ll always provide a reliable accountancy service for clients who need to make sure their compliance work is done well and on time. We like to work closely with clients to support them in running their business we help by monitoring growth, providing advice and preparing plans for the future, or using their accounts to assist them in making expansion plans. If that’s what you’re after then we guarantee that working with Stafford & Co will make a difference.

Stafford & Co was established in 2003 by Ken Stafford, the business is now led by Rob Stafford, Managing Director. We pride ourselves on being a successful firm of Chartered Accountants with a team of proven professionals that share our business approach to understand the numbers driving our clients’ businesses.

Our Philosophy

If we understand how you operate we can assess the best ways to help develop and grow your business to meet your ambitions.

Many of you will have a particular talent or idea that you believe will make your fortune. What you might not have is the financial acumen, or time, to ensure that your idea translates into success. This is where a good accountant can help. We want to be your partner in business and provide support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of your enterprise.

Financial Decisions

Important financial decisions need to be made at every stage in a business’s life, and a good accountant can help you make these. We work with our clients to understand their operations, meaning we’re able to provide the right advice whenever called upon.
We’re very approachable, and we work hard at keeping our performance at the highest standard. We monitor this by carrying out regular reviews that assess how we are doing; at the same time we plan how we can improve our clients’ businesses.

Stafford & Co. Chartered Accountants – making your numbers talk…