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Personal Taxation


Self-Assessments, Tax Planning and Inheritance Tax

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

We prepare self-assessment tax returns for sole traders, company directors and other individuals. We understand that calculating your tax liability can be complicated and we have all the resources available to calculate your self-assessment quickly and efficiently.

We advise how much to pay, when it needs paying and submit the return on your behalf. All we ask of you is to provide us with the information and we will do the rest.

Our aim is to provide practical, pro-active advice so you can be assured that if Stafford & Co. prepares your self-assessment return we will endeavour to keep you tax liability to a minimum.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning can save individuals a substantial amount of money each year and with the laws constantly changing it is important to keep up to date with the regulations.

As Tax advisors we can provide guidance on all forms of tax including personal tax, capital gains tax, VAT, Inheritance Tax and more. We have a wide range of tools that can show how much money can be saved by efficient tax planning, for example, if you are thinking of incorporating we can show you potential tax savings when incorporating your existing sole trader or partnership business.

Inheritance Tax

It is important to carry out Inheritance Tax Planning for complete peace of mind that all your affairs have been taken care of and all necessary provisions have been made.

Download Stafford & Co Free 2014/15 Tax Data here