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What to expect from your Bolton Accountants – Stafford and Co.

There are a large number of different Bolton accountants. It can be tempting to just pick randomly; the first one at the top of the list, the one at the top of the search engine listings that you used to find one, or even if you ring around the range of accountants Bolton wide, you may decide to just pick the cheapest one or the one you find the nicest. This is not the way to choose an accountant. You need to know what sort of accountant you need before you can know what to expect from a Bolton accountant.

There are many reasons you may want an accountant; personal taxes, VAT for your business, or both. If you are self-employed or have your own business you need an accountant full stop. You need an accountant to ensure that you are paying the right amount of VAT or tax as well as ensuring that all of your books are in order and you are following all necessary legislation with regards to tax and VAT. When choosing an accountant, be clear with what you need, only take and pay for this, and don’t be talked into any services that you don’t think you need to be paying for. In this economic climate times are tough and a good accountant will understand that you only want to pay for what you need.

Once you have selected an accountant, what you can expect is complete openness and honesty. This is your business or your accounts. The records that they are keeping for you will dictate how much you have to pay in tax and VAT, therefore you have every right to understand them. Not everyone has extensive knowledge of accounting terms, and you should expect to have anything that you don’t understand explained to you in full. You should also expect an accountant to help you in saving money. They may well be able to suggest ways that you can pay less legally by ensuring you are claiming all expenses you are entitled to and only paying for what you have made or earned.

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