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Tax Investigation Protection – the facts

 Currently HMRC officials say that special task forces set up by the tax office have seized more than £100m from tax evaders.

One taskforce has targeted hidden wealth in the Midlands including people with offshore accounts and those living beyond their obvious means through assets from undeclared income.

HMRC say that this approach, which can involve extensive searches through business and tax records, is set to continue.

To achieve the best outcome and a proper defence from any investigation you need specialist representation and involving the right people from the start you are far more likely to escape paying extra tax and penalties.

By joining a tax representation service – like our Premier Protection scheme, we can dedicate the right level of representation without you having to worry about spiralling costs.

Tax investigation protection could save your business a lot of time money and stress. So find out more about the service we offer by contacting us before it’s too late