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Stafford & Co Get Ahead with Clever Cloud Technology

Stafford & Co Managing Director Rob Stafford, is the President of the Bolton Society of Chartered Accountants,he wanted to change their IT support to enhance productivity and efficiency. Cloud Clever was able to assess Stafford & CO requirements and provide a package that suits their needs.

Rob Stafford commented ‘IT is fundamental to our work and we need a service that is reliable and efficient. Cloud Clever were able to work over the weekend to ensure that our work wasn’t disrupted and were able to start the Monday morning with our new system with as little hassle as possible. Ben’s commitment to ensure the job was completed on time was commendable and as a Bolton business it was great to be able to work with another local business. It is important that Bolton businesses help each other out to ensure we keep local business and industry going and we don’t lose out on work from organisations in the bigger cities.’

While working on the IT at Stafford & Co it was clear to Ben what a forward thinking business it was and it was an easy choice to use them for the accounting needs of Cloud Clever. Ben said ‘Working with Rob is extremely refreshing compared to other firms which I have had experience with. Stafford & Co. are so much more than your traditional ‘backward looking accountant’, they’re interested in helping me grow my business and are constantly providing innovative and valuable recommendations, which is reflective in their IT requirements. Also being Bolton born and bred it is great to work with another local company.’

Cloud Clever are also a Google reseller and want to educate local Bolton businesses that cloud computing is not just for the larger national organisations and that it can be just as profitable for small to medium enterprises.