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“Plea for Help” budget will cost Lancashire taxpayers £3.6 Billion

We have launched two free initiatives to help local taxpayers and businesses get to grips with the pain behind today’s Budget. Launching the initiatives immediately after George Osborne’s fifth Budget, Rob Stafford said:

“At first sight this appears to be a scattergun Budget, with some really welcome changes for savers and businesses that want to invest. And, of course, the headline grabbing measures for bingo, alcohol, the new pound coin and even potholes.

But on closer inspection it is actually a “Plea for Help” Budget in which the Chancellor is relying on businesses to dig him out of a hole that is much bigger than one of his potholes.

Sadly Budgets are now more difficult than ever to assess – partly because of the amount of ‘spin’ used, and partly because of complexity of the announcements. So, as always, the devil will be in the detail. But two things are already very clear.

Firstly, despite the very welcome statistics we heard today, public finances are still in a terrible mess. So the Chancellor is relying on businesses across the country to generate the growth we need to get us out of the mess.

Exactly how much of that total we will each end up paying is very complicated – with plenty of traps for the unwary.

So the region’s taxpayers need to take urgent action. And to help them, today we are launching a free “Tax Fairness Review” service for businesses and individuals to make sure that they don’t pay a single penny more than their fair share.

We are also launching a free “Business Builder” initiative to help businesses to generate the growth we so desperately need. Using leading-edge software, systems and thinking, it will help local businesses discover new ways to create more jobs, profits and wealth.”

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