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Business Growth

Business Growth

There are many different ways to grow a business, through organic growth, i.e. more business from existing customers, or through expansion by way of merger or joint venture.

At Stafford & Co we help a wide range of businesses at all stages of growth to achieve their goals. From start-up, to growth, through maturity or to manage a successful sale or exit.  We give guidance and advice on the following matters;

  • Valuations of acquired businesses;
  • Business combinations;
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions
  • Management buy outs / buy ins;
  • Joint ventures and arrangements;
  • Capital reductions and schemes of arrangement.
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Maturity & Performance Management

As you develop your business it becomes important to monitor and chart your progress.  There is no point in running a business that appears to be making money, but when you come to produce your accounts nine months after the year end, you discover you’re making losses.

That is why at Stafford & Co we aim to ensure all our clients have a constant idea of how their business is performing.

As well as the company’s financial statements other tools of measuring performance can be used. We can prepare for you, or help you to prepare;

  • Monthly management accounts
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Ratio and variance analysis

We can then help you to understand what they are telling you about your performance and how to measure your key drives for success.

If you are aware of how your business is performing it makes financial decisions on continued growth and additional capital expenditure easier to monitor.


Exit route

When you come to considering your exit plan the tax implications can be considerable.

It is essential that you are well prepared and have planned in advance.  Stafford & Co can help you to ensure that you know all the answers to the following questions and many more:

  • Have you considered the capital gains tax implications?
  • Should you dispose of the assets of the business or the shares?
  • What reliefs may be available?
  • Is the disposal of the shares different if sold by an individual or a company?
  • Have you considered inheritance tax planning?

By planning correctly, the tax savings could be thousands.

A wrong decision could be very costly.

At Stafford & Co we are always available to advise on any decisions you need to make at any stage of your business life.

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