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I love Stafford and Co


Here are some of the reasons why we would love to work with you…

And if you’re an aspiring accountant we would love you to come and work with us…

Top 10 Reasons Why we Love Stafford & Co

  1. S&Co is a fun & rewarding place to work
  2. We make the numbers talk
  3. Our Ambition Club nurtures local entrepreneurs
  4. We care about & get active in our community
  5. Unique tools like the OnePage Plan that really add value to your business
  6. Our chartered accountants take on leadership roles in our professional associations
  7. We spend time with colleges & universities creating a positive dialogue about accountancy
  8. Talent is key – everyone in our Bolton Accountants team has a training & personal development plan
  9. BoardView helps generate real business growth
  10. We’ve got nice biscuits in our boardroom!!!