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We’re really proud of our happy clients!

Choosing an accountant is an important business decision as the right accountant will help you manage your business and achieve your goals. It’s an important business partnership that you need to get the most out of. We’re confident we can help most businesses achieve their goals and more importantly we’ll tell you if we can’t! We are more than happy to provide further references, just ask and we’ll put you in touch with some of our clients so you can find out more about how we can help you.

To help you understand why companies choose Stafford & Co see the feedback from our clients below:


“We would highly recommend Stafford & Co and we are big advocates of the benefits of using Xero. 

We work closely with the team and use Xero to manage our financial data.  We work in a very fast-paced environment and have grown the business very quickly in recent years; during this time Xero has been a vital tool that has helped me to keep track of finances and make better decisions, and the app makes it easy for me to manage the business remotely when needed. 

Because all of our financial data is efficiently managed in Xero we have time to concentrate on our financial strategy and planning, with the BoardView service from Stafford & Co providing invaluable advice and direction to help me to implement sound financial plans and achieve my business objectives year in year out!”

Clever IT

”From preparing and filing our accounts, registering for VAT and transition from sole trader to a Limited company, Stafford & Co Ltd made it all look so easy and we were kept fully up to date at all stages.

The team’s help with Xero has been invaluable. We have been using Xero for 3 years now and it has been a great benefit to our business. We were introduced to Xero by Stafford & Co as we were not previously using any accounting software, and the transition onto Xero has been seamless due to the support from Stafford & Co. They fully explained the software to us and once we made the decision to use Xero they provided training and are always on hand to answer any questions we may have, they have been great.

There are many benefits of using Xero, for us the online system makes it easy to access all our information and the automatic calculations minimise human errors.

Stafford & Co are efficient, emails and messages are replied to promptly and our business is made to feel important which is great thank you.

Keep up the good work.”

Wyatt Logistics Limited

“I really enjoy working with Stafford & Co, they are great accountants, and I’ve worked with a few in the past! Rob is enthusiastic, encouraging and cares about our business success and that means so much, thank you!”

Louise Brooks
JGM Agency

“After working on the IT at Stafford & Co. it quickly became apparent to me that they were a very forward thinking business. I was very impressed with their approach to business and the professional advice that they gave their clients. What surprised me was how their clients used them not just as a service in the traditional ‘accountant’ sense but also as a trusted and important adviser to their business.

It was a very simple choice to move Cloud Clever’s accountancy to Rob and his team. Since working with them further I find their approach extremely refreshing to their industry. They keep in contact with their clients and work with them to make the business more profitable (yes Net profit). Their recommendations that have been implemented in my business have already proved very successful.

I will certainly recommend Stafford & Co. to my contacts in the future. If you only see your accountant at year end then I would ask the question why ? I am glad I did.”

Ben Griffiths
Managing Director, Clever IT

“Accountancy support from Stafford & Co for Property Tectonics promotes success; we can rely on the company’s excellent financial and accountancy expertise, especially because Stafford & Co people understand our business and provide solutions which add real value”

Trevor Mole
Managing Director, Property Tectonics Limited

“As a Chartered Accountant and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year myself, I have very high expectations of other accountants. So the fact that I included Robert and his firm in my 2011 book “The UK’s best accountancy practices” tells you all you need to know. They and he are looked up to by accountants all over the country as an example of excellence. And as such he and they are well worth making an effort to meet.”

Steve Pipe
Strategist, researcher and keynote speaker for the accountancy profession

“As with any SME, having access to key financial data about my business is obviously important however the data itself it is only as good as the purpose it serves. With the support of Stafford & Co and their Boardview service I have been able to increase my business development opportunities through the increased understanding of all the data available to me and how it can be used. This data has assisted in the development of the team as well as myself which leads to real bottom line results.We don’t always get the balance right and the review meetings throughout the year enable me to realign priorities with the business plan and overall financial targets, both long term and short term…Boardview enables you to see not only the ‘big picture’ of how you are doing but encourages you to dig deeper into key areas of your business to determine what may be having a negative impact on your results i.e. amount of debtors, cost of sale, direct costs, staff performance etc. We then discuss ways in which these issues can be positively addressed in the next quarter.

Stafford & Co provide the personal touch in terms of being passionate about my business and are genuinely keen to support us in our plans for sustainable growth. I cannot recommend them highly enough and consider the associated fees as a genuine investment which continues to deliver returns for my business.”

Charlotte Gallagher
Managing Director, P3 People Management Ltd

“Stafford & Co. have helped us grow by almost 500% over the last five years. They’ve worked with us since we started our business, and have continuously provided proactive and valuable recommendations which have significantly improved our business. Even better they continue to ensure we don’t pay a penny more in tax than we have to. Everything you do fits in to my needs, and my business’s needs.You work with the systems I have; you don’t try and change what I do to fit something easier for you. Your online support is fantastic: I put my information online, you work on it – this saves me time your turnaround was unbelievable: our accounts are back less than 3 weeks after the year end, and this saves money, because online work eliminates travelling time.”

Emma Bounds
Managing Director, Andy Bounds Ltd

“Robert has provided my accounting services for many years and over that time he has proved his value again and again. He takes the time and effort to investigate your business needs now and in the future. Then makes recommendations to help take your business forward as well as looking in-depth at reducing any existing and future tax liabilities. Robert is more like a business manger than an accountant and I would highly recommend his services.”

Anthony Hehir
Director, AK Connections Ltd

“Robert is one of the most forward thinking accountants I know. Yes he and his team will produce the numbers for you but Robert will help you understand the numbers and help you take action if required. I enjoy working with Robert and his team, they are going places!”

David H Owen
Managing Director, Business Advice for Professionals (BAFP)

“Rob seems to have a gift in getting the most from those around him, a real people person! He has always shown a real passion for supporting the young people of Bolton through his commitment to Bolton Lads and Girls Club which has seen him inspiring his team to join him on countless charity events from the Great Manchester Run to a 5 aside football tournament – and much more! Rob has a real skill in encouraging and motivating those around him to get behind the cause of helping the town’s youngsters and without exception always goes the extra mile to make a difference to the lives of Bolton’s young people! The club’s patron society is all the better having Stafford & Co in it!”

Hayley Denton
Corporate & Community Fundraiser at Bolton Lads & Girls Club

“I have worked with Robert sinced Stafford and Co joined AVN in 2008. He has taken the AVN ideas and applied then throughout his own practice and throughout his clients businesses. He is a passionate, forward thinking accountant who seeks to improve his clients businesses to make then more successful and enjoyable to run. He has developed a fantastic team to support him in maintaining Stafford and Cos successes in the future”

Laura Newby
Client Manager, Added Value Solutions

“I have worked with Robert Stafford of Stafford & Co for the last couple of years where he has been the accountant for clients for whom we undertake book-keeping and management accounts work. In addition, Robert has provided my firm with additional book-keeping and management accounts work for some of his own clients. I have always found Robert to be someone who I know, like and trust and I would have no hesitation in recommending him in situations where my firm is unable to deal with matters such as auditing or where expert advice may be required on a particular subject. He is always available with assistance and advice and he personally, together with his firm as a whole, have an excellent reputation within the accounting field.”

Philip Bowick
Managing Director, The Provincial Tax Shop

“Whenever we have needed to make financial decisions concerning the growth and development of our business Stafford & Co. have always provided relevant and practical guidance helping us to increase and more importantly retain our profits.”

Mike & Fiona Cahill
Cahill Dental Care Centre

“Stafford & Co. have been our accountant for longer than we care to remember. Buying the company from a former Director was a time when we needed their help the most and the Stafford & Co. team made it seem so straightforward.”

Richard White
Managing Director, Heavyparts Hydraulics Ltd

“We always feel as though we are getting more than just an audit from Stafford & Co.Not only do they provide an efficient and timely audit of our accounts they also add value by providing advice and recommendations about how we can improve our business.”

Financial Controller, Hargreaves Hamilton Group

“It’s good when your accountant still has the values we appreciate. Discussing our results in a language we understand and looking after our interests as a priority, at a value for money cost.”

Eric Bellis
Managing Director, ELB Interior Decor Ltd

“When I reach my year end I can always guarantee that Stafford & Co. will be ready to prepare my accounts and to provide me with timely information that will help me to plan my future expenditure.”

Mark Dance
Managing Director, MD Golf Ltd

“Stafford & Co. have provided me with useful and practical advice concerning how I should maintain my financial records. This has allowed me to keep a better control of my cash flow and has led to a more efficient and profitable business.”

Gary Evans
Managing Director, GE Plumbing & Heating Ltd

“Stafford & Co are great to work with. First of all they provide an efficient, quality service in what I would call traditional accounting – preparing and finalising year end accounts, for instance. However they also takes a more holistic approach to our business, helping us to identify areas of potential growth, and guiding us on implementation. I would recommend Stafford & Co to any business owner with vision.”

Chris Macpherson
Managing Director, Chapelfield Associates

“Our association with Stafford& Co has been one of our best business decisions since our start up nearly five years ago.The service they provide is always on time, on budget, and done with a friendly personal approach. Our continued growth is a reflection of the guidance we receive from Stafford & Co and their honest appraisal of our business position”

Microbiological Solutions Ltd

“Because of the nature of my work in television, I can find myself working all over the world, but HMRC still require returns to be completed on the due date. I know I can rely on my friends at Stafford & Co. to meet these deadlines on my behalf.”

Ginny Buckley
Television Presenter

“It is easy to label accountants as being much of the same but I can safely say that the past year has shown that not all accountants are the same – your service ethic, sound advice and genuine interest in the development in our business truly sets you apart. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Stafford &Co and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to any business looking for an exceptional firm of accountants.”

Steve Kenny
Managing Director, Lightbulb Marketing Ltd

“I now feel confident as I open my business and start trading that I am doing all the right things as far as my accounts go. It is also very assuring to know that I have a friendly team of accountants that are just a phone call away should I need them. This is the first time since I moved to the UK, almost four years now, that I can confidently brag that I have a great accountant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stafford & Co to any of my clients, friends or colleagues.”

Dr.Lindi Vanzwan
BChiro MChiro, DC. Whitefield Chiropractic