We believed we could do it and now we’re delighted to let you know we’ve achieved Xero Gold Partner status!

Lots of clients tell us that Xero has helped to transform their business, from reducing cost and admin time to giving them easy access to the key numbers driving their business. Tracking performance using Xero is easy and can even be fun!  As an accredited Xero Gold Partner we have 6 Xero-certified staff, this makes us experts in using and implementing Xero. It is the implementation that most clients are worried about; the hassle and difficulty of transferring from one system to another without making costly mistakes and without losing vital financial control and information in the transition period.  This is where the Stafford & Co team really add value in helping you change to Xero.

Top Benefits of Xero for forward thinking businesses:

  • Use unrivalled timely management information to help make informed decisions.
  • Daily automatic updates, so you always know how much money you have in the bank.
  • See at a glance who you owe money to & who owes you, plus know your tax liabilities.
  • Integrate with other apps, transfer information accurately & at low cost.
  • All your data is secure & backed-up in the cloud.
  • Access all your accounting information, 24/7, wherever you are in the world.
We helped Wyatt Logistics transfer to Xero, and this is what they said:
“Stafford&Co introduced us to Xero and managed the implementation. They fully explained the software to us, provided training and are always on hand to answer any questions we may have, they have been great. There are many benefits of using Xero, for us the online system makes it easy to access all our information and the automatic calculations minimise human errors.”
Free Xero Workshop for you and your team:
We are hosting a series of Xero workshops over the coming months that are free for everyone to attend.  If you would like to book a place or for more information about Xero and how it can benefit your business, please contact Gillian today.

HM Revenue & Customs have started to crackdown on payroll tax mistakes

Many SME’s are unsure how to determine which payroll bracket their labour force might belong to.

This is because many businesses use flexible workforces, casual labour or may operate as an umbrella company meaning that different areas of their workforce will fall into different brackets. It’s with this that research has found that errors made by operating SME’s accounts for over half of the additional £737m collected by the tax authority following the crackdown.

With payroll being an extensive operating costs for all businesses, some businesses will operate their payroll themselves rather than outsourcing it, and it is the complexity of the tax system implemented by HMRC that can cause businesses to make errors.

There are a number of reasons as to why SME’s have found themselves in the situation where they are having to pay more in tax penalties and some of this can be attributed to genuine errors. It could be said that SME’s do not have the resources and finances available to receive advice on tax issues and this could result in them being at a higher risk of making mistakes when it comes to filing complicated employer compliance tax returns.

If payroll is an area of your business that you are unsure of and want to avoid the risk of having to pay tax penalties if investigated contact Stafford & Co. Stafford & Co has a complete payroll bureau that can carry out all necessary PAYE requirements for you no matter your number of employees.