Cahill Dental Care case study

Cahill Dental Care Centre is an award-winning Dental Practice offering life transformational dentistry.

We recently asked Cahill’s what they think about working with Stafford & Co and this is what they said:

“Stafford & Co has…

  • Helped Cahills to realise that we are a business as well as a dental practice
  • Shown us how to make the time to efficiently work ON our business not just IN our
  • business
  • Helped us to develop a Cahills OnePage Plan which we use to track the real numbers
  • driving our business; this helps us to identify & resolve issues before problems
  • escalate
  • Given us access to a team who we can ask for help & advice on any financial matter
  • Developed tax planning strategies; to reduce our tax liabilities
  • Produced clear, concise, timely accounts”

“Whenever we have needed to make Financial decisions concerning the growth and development of our business Stafford & Co. has always provided relevant and practical guidance helping us to increase and more importantly retain our profits.”

Services provided by Stafford & Co:

  • Incorporated partnership
  • OnePage plan, monthly review of key figures driving business growth
  • Monthly payroll, including management of upgrade to fully compliant real-time information payroll submission
  • Quarterly BoardView service
  • Annual Accounts
  • Financial Director level support & advice


  • Saved +£10k pa in tax by introducing tax strategies
  • Increased profitability
  • Supported revenue & profitability growth through implementation of a Cahills
  • OnePage Plan
  • Monthly review of key performance indicators which drive the financial numbers

VIP Electronic Cigarettes Case Study

VIP Electronic cigarettes were one of the UK’s leading electronic cigarette companies, launched in 2009 by co-founders Miguel Corral and David Levin.

Four years prior to sale the owners set a clear objective: grow to sell.  Working with Stafford & Co for 4 years, Miguel and David built VIP into one of the most profitable electronic cigarette companies across Europe, with a leading presence in England and a number one market position in Ireland.

Stafford & Co provided guidance and advice to VIP, making sure VIP were well prepared, ensuring the financial position of the business would appeal to potential investors to help achieve the best sale value for the owners.

Once they had achieved their growth objectives the Stafford & Co Directors supported the VIP’s management board; assisting with the sale of the business to American firm Victory Electronic Cigarettes Corporation for £30 million. The purchase was carried out via a combination of cash and shares.

Robert Stafford, Director of Stafford & Co says:

“Everything we do is about helping our clients to understand, measure and improve their numbers. When VIP advised us of their exit plans, we knew that we had the expertise and knowledge to support them every step of the way. 

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the VIP team.  When it came to the sale presenting accurate, clear information and providing guidance is so important, given that most business owners have never sold a business before, clear timely advice and support makes the process easier and certainly less stressful for business owners.

I’m delighted to say this is a great success story for our client, from achieving fast growth through to a successful sale, achieving all their objectives.”

Stafford & Co work with clients across the full lifecycle of their business, from start-up, to growth, to seeking investment and managing an effective exit or sale.

If you are looking to grow and sell your business find out more, contact Rob or Dominic at Stafford & Co.

Clever IT Case Study

Clever IT and Stafford and Co have always worked together with a great synergy. Our businesses ethics are closely aligned and together we have already achieved great things.
When we decided that for our business to grow we needed to outsource our financial day-to-day function, there was no hesitation to out-source it to Stafford and Co.
The process has been seamless. You and your staff have delivered nothing short of excellence. Which, I’ll be honest, was no surprise. We have come to expect excellence from Stafford and Co, because you always deliver.
I would not hesitate in recommending Stafford and Co to any business looking to grow and improve their businesses. Most of all I would recommend you because you don’t just do what I expect. You exceed my expectations with spectacular regularity.