Stafford & Co highlight best practice in The Parliamentary Review

Stafford & Co highlight best practice in The Parliamentary Review

Co-chaired by Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to best practice across a variety of different areas, showcasing various examples from steadfast organisations in the public and private sectors. Its principal aim is to raise standards within said industries by producing a template for future reform, and the March release of the publication is acknowledged for its importance in the political calendar.

Stafford & Co were established in 2003 by Ken Stafford, the father of current managing director Rob Stafford. Rob explains in The Parliamentary Review how they have embraced technology and what he predicts the future will hold for accountants and their clients in the future.

Director Rob Stafford said; “We are delighted to be in the 2019 Parliamentary Review and welcome further discussions and input on how the Accountancy industry is changing and how we can continue to best-serve our clients as the profession evolves.”

You can take a look at The Parliamentary Review article in full here and read our views on the best practice for accountancy firms, which we are proud to live by at Stafford & Co.

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